Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ok I dont know what shes trying to do but crave more attention to her umm skinny ass... She was on the cover of People PEOPLE and she doesnt want to be called fat cuz shes a size 2 and the moon is made of cheese.. really it is.. Ok shes just looking to get bashed left and right where she lives in a world where you have to be a size 0 these days..

Would I call her fat? no. would I call her an attention whore??.. maybe just a little bit. And dont even get me going on this makeup job! Im sure there will be backlash from this and im sure another cover of People or US Weekly where Jennifer fires back crying LEAVE ME ALONE or even worse going on Tyra to speak about body issues you know that whole show will go right back to Tyra, trust..
I find it funny how celebs put themselves out there only to whimper and cry when they dont get the response they want.. Speaking of cheese Im hungry

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