Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And From The Enquirer...

First OK! broke the story and now the Enquirer is chiming in on the demise of Angie and Brad (Jenny is cackling right now with her 10 cats)

Get clean or get out - that’s the stinging ultimatum Angelina Jolie issued to Brad Pitt after hearing that the Inglourious Basterd had secretly shared hashish with a celeb pal while his children were asleep in bed, say sources.

“Stop boozing and smoking drugs or check into rehab!” she told him, according to insiders.

A self-confessed stoner when married to Jennifer Aniston, Brad had promised Angelina his drug-using days were over after he became a dad - and she believed him.

On the cover he looks more like a boozebag ( I love him more) then a pothead and its from the Enquirer so its gotta be true!

I will say I was listening to Howard Stern and Tarantino outted him about other drugs on the show so that probably didnt go over to well and you know he gets the good shit from Maddox

Oh I miss the old days when Angie wore vials of blood and made out with her brother... It was all less complicated

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