Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Squinty 1 CatLady 0

Here is Renee's lastest interview.. wonder who she is talking about

Renee Zellweger interview with CNN to promote My One & Only. A curious little answer when asked about being judged on appearances.

CNN: (Your character) was judged on her looks many times in the film. Have you faced similar situations, being judged on your looks and people not taking you seriously?

Zellweger: Not in such an overt way. I'm not an actress who made her way based on physicality -- I think quite the opposite, in fact. I sort of disappear a little bit, with respect to my looks. I'm lucky. I'm not a standout, kind of knockout kind of girl that, you know, it's all about my great hair or something. But, in subtle ways, maybe. I mean, people presume to know you for something and respond to you accordingly, I'm sure.

The interviewer on CNN was Maddox

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