Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh The Roll and Go....

Mischa Barton on the set of Beautiful Life. As we all know lil Mischa went a bit crazy and spent some time in a fun white jacket hugging herself for about a week and now is back to work some say a bit too soon

Looking at this pic we have the classic hangover look

a. Wet hair - dont bother drying it the sound of the hairdryer intensifies your headache
b. Ciggy and coffee to kill the boozey hangover or to cure it with a little Baileys - it works um so Im told
c. Jackie O glasses - a must have

I always sport Jackie O glasses the night after im out and about because well im a different person and that person you saw the night before may have heave ho'd outside your favorite watering hole after downing a biggie fry and a junior whooper.. That was not me.. It never happened..Im classy! Mistaken identity!!!

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