Monday, August 17, 2009

A McSteamy Sex Tape Oh MY

Gawker got a hold of a 12-minute tape starring Eric Dane, his wife Rebecca Gayheart and Miss Teen USA 2002 Kari Anne Peniche.

Kari Ann a priceless ho she lost her Miss Teen USA crown, because she posed nude in Playboy. She was also engaged to Aaron Carter well if you cant afford the meth date the dealer = free drugs... Recently, Kari Ann was on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab, but got kicked off for punching a camera guy ( cuz she doesnt like a camera in her face... side eye to Kari). Gawker also says that Kari Ann is a known Hollywood madam.

Gawker also has a picture on their site from The National Enquirer of Rebecca sitting in a bath tub holding a crack pipe Wino style. HA! Rebecca was a Noxzema Girl to child killer( ran over some teen and got off yay for her!) to crackie and now sex tape 3sum lesbo star ?

When will anyone get a clue esp in Hollywood and be so DUMB and tape their sexay times.. You know that shit is gonna end up in the wrong hands.. Its like when you are drunk and you find the need to text or start calling up everyone because who doesnt want to hear from your boozy ass because what you have to say is important.. In between hiccups of course.. Celebs find the need to bust out the camera...

Im sure Rebeccas family is so proud of her, Karis parents probably just shrugged their shoulders and said dats my girl as they raised their pimp cups

But from what I've seen it's a naked tape, not a sex tape

My favorite part of the tape aside from the end is like when the disgraced beauty queen kept saying she "drownded" the quacking toy.

For you pervs heres the link copy and paste

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