Friday, August 28, 2009

Sean Penn Wants To Reconcile

Sean Penn begged his wife to stay with him - but she ignored his desperate pleas, moved out and filed for divorce.

“Robin finally stood her ground and said she’d had enough,” a source close to both told the Enquirer. “She got her own place and moved out.”
Sean pleaded for one more chance, said the source, but Rob filed divorce papers in Marin County on August 12.

“Robin doesn’t want a dime from Sean - nothing,” said the source. “She’s just had it with all the lies, the cheating rumors and the temper tantrums. Now she just wants to be left alone to start her life over. Sean is still begging her to take him back. But Robin insists it is finally over.”

Sean and Robin had been together since 1989, and married in 1996. When Sean filed for separation in April of this year, he withdrew it a month later.
“It was an arrogant mistake,” pugnacious Penn told a reporter at the time. He tried hard for a reconciliation, but in a recent interview, Robin revealed she had no plans to fix the broken marriage. “I know what I don’t want,” she said.

I cant blame Robin as it has been rumored he has cheated on her with everyone from Natalie Portman to Linds Lohan ... Yeah I know what could he possibly have in common with Linds.. booze and coke.. perfect match.

So Robin its time to practice the walk of shame.. Useful advice from my grandma: when you are clicking your heels and walking down the street at 7am with bedhead hold your head high like a true slut... Grandma gives great advice when shes had a bottle or 2 of Boones..

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