Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Crackie Could Be Coming To Your Hood

As we all heard Linds crackden was broken into and a bunch of shit was stolen well according to Radar Online her neighbors want her out

“The truth is that this is a very quiet neighborhood and there have been no break-ins apart from at Lindsay Lohan’s house,” a neighbor told RadarOnline.com. “Since she moved in last November it has been a nightmare with all the paparazzi parking in our driveways waiting for her.”

The star was targeted for a second time at her rented home after thieves made off with a safe, bags, jewelry and shoes belonging to the actress. The first robbery was reported in May and the latest one occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning. Detectives at the Hollywood police station are currently reviewing video footage which reportedly caught three men leaving the house aka her drug dealers

Linds is looking for a new place to stay so is there an available crackhouse in your neighborhood? I'd invite her to my neighborhood but she would buy up all the good drugs and I cant have that.. Yeah I know im selfish...

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