Monday, August 24, 2009

Lindsey Robbed Again...

For the second time in three months,Lohans crack den has been broken into! When she got home from NYC this morning (walk of shame they mean), she found out that someone tried to rip the safe out of the wall and stolen a bunch of watches (yeah cuz Lindsey knows how to tell time). Apparently, it was all caught on surveillance video.

I thought Lindsey and her dad didnt talk (here I am thinking I know all) but the first person she called was her dad.. Because who can really understand a crack head when they ramble on and on and on and on..

Michael called 911 and then he called US Weekly,Enquirer,OK!,Star,E!News (of course). Michael said he believes it's an inside job, because Lohans assistants conveniently forgot to turn the security system on

This is what Michael said to TMZ "I am not going to put up with individuals violating my family. Lindsay is a charitable, generous person that always gives. This is a personal violation and it has got to stop."

Not to be outdone by her ex husband Dina had to put her 2 orange cents in
"Ali and Linds just left me in New York, and left people in charge to pack, as we are moving her to a safer place. She is okay, but upset." to People magazine of course..

Hey Linds in the future when someone gives you drugs you still have to pay for it or your shit gets robbed.. Im here to help

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