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Kate Wants To Act...

ON last nights gripping drama known as Kate plus me me me me me me AND ME.. she answered some questions.. about how she loves her kids.. yeah right..

One person asked Kate what she was planning to do with herself once her reality show ends. Kate said that she would love to see herself on a gigantic movie screen

Kate said, “My career goals, believe it or not…I’ve discovered that I’ve done enough years of TV that I feel like it’s a normal, natural, comfortable place. I would love to be in a movie at some point. I would love to be the voice of a cartoon character in a movie for my kids. I think that would be fun.”

She needs to be on the big screen about as much as we need an Ebola breakout!!...

Kate is delusional to think she could act, we all know the Reverse Mullet is the star of that show!


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Celebrity Justice...

At its finest..

Dennis and his wife painted the town red and down a bunch of Scorpion Bowls at dinner Phillipe Chows last night, and then he proceeded to get into his car to drive his boozyass home.. smart Dennis.. Anyway the po po pulled up and just gave Dennis a warning..

Splash says that when the cops told Dennis to get out of the car, he told them he wasn't planning to drive away. The officers let him go back into the restaurant and call a cab.

If this was any of us we still be sitting in cell block C...


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via the La Times:

Two people were on trial for allegedly trying to get $25 million from the Travolta family in exchange for their silence regarding details about their son's death in the Bahamas. Apparently, one of the defendants, an ambulance driver, threatened to tell the media that John was responsible for his son's death.

The trial went on for four weeks, and a verdict was expected at any minute. But last night, Picewill Forbes, a member of Parliament, announced at a political convention that defendant Pleasant Bridgewater was acquitted of all charges. This was before an official verdict was announced by the jury. The judge in the case thinks that one of the jury members might have ran off and whispered the verdict into the politician's ear.

The judge ordered a retrial. John Travolta's attorney said that the whole thing is "weird," but his client will cooperate with the prosecution and testify again in the new trial.

I find it sad that it took Jet's death for his egotistical parents to finally admit he was autistic


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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Bronson Pinchot On Tom Cruise

Bronson Pinchot (aka Balki from Perfect Strangers) did an interview while on moonshine or some crazy meds with The Onion's A.V. Club. Bronson was not afraid to tell everyone what he thought of Tom Cruise and even took a jab at Denzel...OH DONT BE RIDICULOUS.... couldnt help that..

Bronson said, "We thought Tom [Cruise] was the biggest bore on the face of the Earth. He was tense and made constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments, like, 'You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?' I mean, his lingo was larded with the most… There was no basis for it. It was like, 'It’s a nice day, I’m glad there are no gay people standing here.' Very, very strange. Years and years later when people started to torment him with that, I used to think 'God, that’s really fitting, because he tormented a lot of people as a 20-year-old.' He made such a big deal about it. Same thing with Eddie Murphy—I remember somebody calling and saying, 'You’ll never guess who was just caught with a transvestite!' [Laughs.] And I remember thinking that seemed fitting, because there are certain people in showbiz who make it an agenda, every third sentence has to have something knocking that life choice, and you think, 'What are you doing?'"

Denzel Washington on Courage Under Fire was complete torture, "He’s one of the most unpleasant human beings I’ve ever met in my life, but he’s this mega-superstar. He was really abusive to me and everybody on that movie, and his official explanation was that his character didn’t like me, but it was a dreadful experience. I spent my salary on time with my shrink just for helping me get through it, and what that led to was the very next big movie that I did. I should have said to the producers, 'You get that guy in line, or I’m out of here.' Life’s too short."

Oh my silly little Serge!

Everyone has heard the rumors that Tom is gay but im sure Scientology has cured him and he can now levitate things.. eyeroll I know.. I never understood this cult nor do I want to as im typing this im looking over my shoulder.. Wonder if Scientology hates icecream??

I have heard that Denzel was a jerk to work with and cheats on his wife constantly sadly I kinda liked him as an actor..

Time for ice cream.. yay!


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Polanksi Denied Bail!

And for some reason I feel like this child rapist has no idea why he was denied bail.. oh according to Whoopi though it wasnt rape rape..eyeroll..

That’s strike two. For the second time since his controversial bust last month, a Swiss court has denied director Roman Polanski bail, deeming the 76-year-old auteur a high flight risk and ruling that he will remain in jail ahead of his possible extradition to the United States. In handing down her trilingual ruling, Swiss Federal Criminal Court Judge Cornelia Cova this morning also rejected any number of alternative proposals from Polanski’s team, among them allowing the director to post bail or be placed under house arrest at his chalet in Gstaad.

You know what they say: Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the luxury resort-accommodated time… “The court considered the risk that Roman Polanski might flee if released from custody as high,” the ruling read. Typical measures, such as revoking his passport and requiring him to report daily to police, were not strong enough guarantees he would stay put, per the court, particularly as the well-connected Polanski potentially has any number of private jets or helicopters at his disposal.

Handing in his travel documents would also not stymie him for long as his dual citizenship in both France and Poland would make it easier to obtain a second, new set. “The detention of the accused during the entire extradition proceedings is the rule. This allows Switzerland to meet the obligations of its extradition treaties.” What’s a guy got to do to get a jail break? Other than fall mysteriously ill, or, you know, not have sex with a 13-year-old in the first place.

Polanski has 10 days to appeal the ruling to the Swiss Supreme Court or to the Swiss Justice Ministry, which also has the power to step in and free him. The United States, meanwhile, has until Nov. 25 to formalize its extradition request.

Via E News


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Hasselhoff Gets His Own Show

David Hasselhoff is set to star in a new reality TV show. The former ‘Baywatch’ star – who already appeared in the documentary show ‘Meet the Hasselhoffs’ earlier this year – has reportedly signed up for a new program on A+E with his teenage daughters Hayley and Taylor

According to TMZ this is a done deal and via his daughters Twitter account papers have been signed with A&E

Im all about having fun and a few drinks even passing out in my shoes when Im downing the Jesus Juice but Hoff is just too sloppy for my taste

Hopefully theres a twist to this and hes actually on INTERVENTION...



Only A Face A Mother Could Love

Yesterday, there were a rumor going around that Lohan and Balthazar Getty got it on a club in Hollywood. She told Gossip Cop that she only met Balthazar Getty for the first time that night. She also added, “You think I would do that to Sam [Ronson]? I love her.”

you really think Crackie remembers what happened 3 seconds ago esp after doing a dimebag??.. This girl has a memory of a goldfish since she has fried her brain on anything that will get her high...

I even tried squinty my eyes and tilting my head sideways and nope she still looks HAGGARD.. 23...

Oddly enough her mother has done nothing to step in... shes too busy promotion SHOE-HAN

Addiction to fame
Addiction to Attention
Addiction to Drugs

It Only Comes Out At Night

WTF.. I checked my calendar and I thought Halloween came early!! Here is Lohan(whats left of her) and Donetella at some wig/tanning convention.. When a 23 year old is looking more haggard then the Crypt Keeper its time to re-evaluate your entire exsistence!!.. No matter how much spray tan you glob on your face or make-up or peroxide you throw on your head its not gonna work!

And Linds get rid of that blonde hair it clashes with your coke glow!

X Factor Twins - Click Here

John & Edward Grimes twins from the UK performed Britney Spears Ooops I Did It Again and I use the term perform loosely.. I wasnt even there and I felt uncomfortable.. These 2 fun boys sang danced and pranced.. it amazes me what gets on tv.. and yet I sit here behind a computer.. I need my own show..

I'll give them a 10 for their Adrian Zmed hair...

Crackie Shows Her Dad Some Love

By getting a restraining order on his crazy ass..

White Oprah Speaks...

Lohan has a message for her ex-husband Michael about some recent interviews, during which he’s claimed their daughter Lindsay is abusing prescription pills: Stop discussing Lindsay’s private life and focus on yourself.

Dina lashed back Saturday, telling PEOPLE: “Michael Lohan needs to focus on being a parent, paying child support, of which he is six months behind, and making up for all the years he was an absentee dad. And stop going on national television talking about his children publicly.”

On Saturday, Michael told the photo agency X17, “I’m going to see the judge this week…If I can’t get a conservatorship, then I’m going to take her to an undisclosed location and get her straight. But I know I’m gonna get charged [with] kidnapping.”

And during a taping Thursday of The Maury Povich Show, Michael looked into the camera and relayed the following message to Lindsay: “I’m gonna do anything and everything I have to save your life, whether mom likes it, the public likes it, or anyone.”

While Michael says he’s planning to meet with a judge and seek conservatorship, a source tells PEOPLE that Lindsay herself plans to turn to the courts and seek a restraining order against her father.

“Lindsay is actively getting a restraining order, her lawyer have already been contacted,” says the source. “She’s scared. This is really serious.”

Page Six has this interesting story from last week’s Victoria’s Secret perfume launch. Lindsay was in attendance (she probably got the invite from her dealer), and no surprise, she made an ass out of herself. According to a source, “Lohan mistook the cake baked in the shape of a giant perfume bottle for the real thing, and put her hand out to lean on it… She accidentally poked a hole right in the middle of it.”

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Crackie Tags A Married Man

People says that Lohan showed up to West Hollywood club Voyeur with the still married Balthazar at her side. Some source said the two snuck in through the club's backdoor and only stayed for 30-minutes. During that time, they were "all over each other" at a table in the front room.

Getty was recently linked with Sienna Miller last year and ran back to his wifey and kids..

And now he's with Lohan.. Match made in Crackville good choice..


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Ok after seeing her on Good Morning America I was expecting a trainwreck or at least some really bad lip synching and to my surprise she actually sang live.. Whitney at 45 is nowhere near she was back in the day but I cant make fun of her.. At the end of her song during her mini interview she seemed a bit confused left crackie shakes.. Everyone loves a comeback...


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Friday, October 16, 2009

NO Jail Time For Crackie

...Whew what would I have done!! No cracked out Tweets, no ranting interviews, and best yet no god awful fashion pieces from Ungagro.. how would I get my leggins????

Linds was summomed to court because there were rumblings in between blackouts and huffing that she missed Booze 101.. Linds pleased no contest to the 2 DUI charges and she could of went to jail but then again when does anyone in Hollywood go to jail.. I think jail would of done her good

People mag says that the judge extended her probation for another year so that she could finally complete drunk classes so peel yourself off the floor Linds and get your ass to class, DONT BE TARDY FOR THE PARTY!!. The judge said she's "rooting for" Linds and hopes she can do what she's supposed to do.

Mind you if this was any of of us we would be in jail.. And oh yeah she was 90 minutes late for court...

This judge has done nothing but enable this drunk even further.


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Jon Gosselin Sued

TLC filed papers this morning in Maryland claiming that Jon breached his contract by stopping production on Kate & Jon Plus 8

In the lawsuit, TLC states that on the day they demoted Jon from "star" to "extra" on the reality show about his life, he immediately demanded that he be let out of his contract. Jon threatened that if TLC didn't drop the exclusivity clause in his contract, he'd stop his little money makers from filming anymore episodes of the show. Even though TLC never let Jon out of his contract, he bad-mouthed the show and network to the media. DONT MESS WITH A NETWORK WHO HAVE THEIR OWN ARMY... IE LAWYERS

Both Jon and Kate are greedy, selfish, delusional parents if you want to even call them that. I do feel bad for those little crumbsnatchers.. yeah I have feelings ...

It was surprising when they bought their fancy home as they were betting on continuing to make cash of their kids.

Karma is a bitch - they deserve to have both their homes go into foreclosure.

NOt all is lost Jon maybe you can do commericals now for Summer's Eve disposable douche.. harsh i know.. HAPPY FRIDAY


Canada included as well!

Balloon Boy - Click Here

Here is Falcon (eyeroll to that name) with Wolf Blitzer where this kid bascially admits it was for the show .46 seconds in.. This whole thing is just bad acting..

These famewhores have been on wife swap 2x so this doesnt shock me.. Besides any guy with a 1991 boy band haircut im skeptical about... dont ask..

Bringing back Tar and Feathering for lying isnt such a bad idea...

AND BREAKING NEWS CNN.COM just reported the kid flew off on a giant KITE!..


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Thursday, October 15, 2009


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OH Tyra

Yes we all know Tyra likes to be first at everything including being the top paid the top dollar in Prime Time.. I still cant figure that one out.. anypoopy...

Tyra is bragging about how her show will air the first ever televised colonic this Friday mark your calendars!. And no it wont be on her sadly since shes full of shit since I know of a few shows that have already done this and yes Tyra im saying this with my EYES. Some unlucky audience member will get their well you know while Trya and the entire country watches on. Im sure somehow this whole episode will be turned around and be about her.. If you havent seen this show its generally how it goes..ALL ABOUT TY TY

In Lame News

Both People and UsWeekly are saying that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have reunited for the millionth time

According to some sources, the two were spotted getting "cozy" at the Bower Hotel in NYC last month. One source said, "Jen was there on the arm of John and they were all very lovey. She was in casual clothing as was he, and she seemed very comfortable around his crowd of friends." Some source close to John seems to think they are just taking it slow, "They are very close. They remain great friends. He thinks she's amazing, nice and smart, and he has nothing but respect for her."

Hmmm John has a tour/album coming out and these two are back on.. ummm yeah...

Oh Jenny just go gay and steal Angelina...