Thursday, October 8, 2009

White Oprah Makes An Annoucement

And its not about her troubled daughter or the fact that she wants to help her daughter, or to admit her daughter into rehab.. Nah why bother when you can soak off whats left of your crackhead of a daughters fame..

NOPE its all about Dina THE SELF ABSORBED Mother of The Year

Dina Lohan, diva and star of the hit E! show "Living Lohan," as well as mother to actress and starlet( and now crackhead because shes surrounded by ENABLERS.. SIDE EYE TO DINA) Lindsay, will be holding a major press conference and media reception on Thursday October, 8th at 2pm at Trump Plaza, 725 5th Avenue, Floor 21, Marc Fisher showroom, to announce a creation of her new own shoe line, "Shoe-han'' as well as becoming a national spokesmodel for the popular retail designer ladies footwear stores.

Other celebrities that have sold millions of shoes include: Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani, Star Jones, Carlos Santana and more. hopes to have Dina's shoes available world-wide from coast to coast by Mother's Day. She will be appearing as a shoe fashionista later this on month on television and radio commercials. The shoe store chain was founded on Long Island, home of the Lohan family.

Im sure these shoes will have that Frederick of Hollywood feel to them... Ali does need some new shoes for Amateur night


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