Friday, October 9, 2009

Michael Stages An Intervention

And annouces it to any media outlet that will listen to him.. Ok Im not all that familiar with Interventions but from what I understand the person going into rehab isnt suppose to know right?? Oh wait now I get it because everyone knows that the ONLY way to stage an intervention is by running to the tabloids. Silly me.. Anything to stay revelant

Michael called,emailed,showed up in person to whomever at Radaronline would listen to him and said:

“I had a conversation with her, her mother and everyone…over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be doing things in a pretty public way. But Dina has got to get on the same page with me. It’s a serious situation. You can’t just talk about it and tell me that you want to do an intervention and then do nothing. When Lindsay doesn’t adhere or listen to what I say about serious situations, I feel I have to speak publicly to put pressure on her. If she doesn’t take my advice and do what I say…the more pressure I put on her, the more likely she is to eventually do the right thing

Seriously I cant even call these to people parents because parents actually give a damn about their children. Yes Crackie should be responsible for her own actions she old enough but one would think her so-called parents would have intervened a long time ago if for no other reason than to keep their meal ticket alive as long as possible..

I wouldnt be shocked either if Michael called A&E to put her on Intervention

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