Friday, October 16, 2009

NO Jail Time For Crackie

...Whew what would I have done!! No cracked out Tweets, no ranting interviews, and best yet no god awful fashion pieces from Ungagro.. how would I get my leggins????

Linds was summomed to court because there were rumblings in between blackouts and huffing that she missed Booze 101.. Linds pleased no contest to the 2 DUI charges and she could of went to jail but then again when does anyone in Hollywood go to jail.. I think jail would of done her good

People mag says that the judge extended her probation for another year so that she could finally complete drunk classes so peel yourself off the floor Linds and get your ass to class, DONT BE TARDY FOR THE PARTY!!. The judge said she's "rooting for" Linds and hopes she can do what she's supposed to do.

Mind you if this was any of of us we would be in jail.. And oh yeah she was 90 minutes late for court...

This judge has done nothing but enable this drunk even further.

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