Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Only A Face A Mother Could Love

Yesterday, there were a rumor going around that Lohan and Balthazar Getty got it on a club in Hollywood. She told Gossip Cop that she only met Balthazar Getty for the first time that night. She also added, “You think I would do that to Sam [Ronson]? I love her.”

you really think Crackie remembers what happened 3 seconds ago esp after doing a dimebag??.. This girl has a memory of a goldfish since she has fried her brain on anything that will get her high...

I even tried squinty my eyes and tilting my head sideways and nope she still looks HAGGARD.. 23...

Oddly enough her mother has done nothing to step in... shes too busy promotion SHOE-HAN

Addiction to fame
Addiction to Attention
Addiction to Drugs

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