Friday, October 2, 2009


Three weeks ago, David Letterman got into his car and noticed that there was a mysterious package on his seat. When he opened it,it was a letter from someone threatening Dave to hand over $2 million or he'd spill his "bedroom secrets which included an affair with some of his staffers. The extortionist claimed he would use the information to write a movie and a book

Mind you Dave has been with his wife for 23 years so cheating went on before he said the lovely I DO's..

David immediately informed the District Attorney's office in Manhattan and told them someone was trying to blackmail him. The D.A.'s office investigated the threats and then cut a fake check for $2 million in which they gave to the extortionist.

Dave confessed what was going on and its a bit awkward but take a listen if you want its about 10 minutes

The extortionist is 51-year-old Robert Halderman, an employee of 48 Hours and the boyfriend of Stephanie Birkitt. Stephanie is Dave's assistant and she reportedly had an affair with him years before he was married.

I wonder if he is going to have a "Top 10 Places I Boinked My Assistant" List?

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