Friday, October 16, 2009

Jon Gosselin Sued

TLC filed papers this morning in Maryland claiming that Jon breached his contract by stopping production on Kate & Jon Plus 8

In the lawsuit, TLC states that on the day they demoted Jon from "star" to "extra" on the reality show about his life, he immediately demanded that he be let out of his contract. Jon threatened that if TLC didn't drop the exclusivity clause in his contract, he'd stop his little money makers from filming anymore episodes of the show. Even though TLC never let Jon out of his contract, he bad-mouthed the show and network to the media. DONT MESS WITH A NETWORK WHO HAVE THEIR OWN ARMY... IE LAWYERS

Both Jon and Kate are greedy, selfish, delusional parents if you want to even call them that. I do feel bad for those little crumbsnatchers.. yeah I have feelings ...

It was surprising when they bought their fancy home as they were betting on continuing to make cash of their kids.

Karma is a bitch - they deserve to have both their homes go into foreclosure.

NOt all is lost Jon maybe you can do commericals now for Summer's Eve disposable douche.. harsh i know.. HAPPY FRIDAY


  1. It's so sad to watch this play out!! He is getting what he deserves and I hope she does too!

  2. YO MELISSA!.. I know! you have an Army of children GO TAKE CARE OF THEM