Thursday, October 15, 2009

Different Mag Same Crack Stories

Lindsay Lohan went to Paris last week to unveil her new fashion line and to everyones shocking suprise it failed.. So what does a Crackie to do well party like its 1999!.. Break out the booze, coke, and start huffing on an exhaust pipe .. yes I think shes that desperate.. Heres the latest from Star Mag:

The once-promising actress collapsed during a week-long party, as her vodka, cocaine and prescription pills habits caught up with her. Now as Star reports in its Oct. 26 issue — on newsstands now — her few remaining friends fear it is too late to save her. “She’s a wreck, a mess, a disaster,” one tells Star. “She an obituary waiting to happen.” Despite three trips to rehab and two DUI arrests, all before her 23rd birthday, Linds cannot stop herself from drowning her sorrows. Even the night before her big runway debut with her Emanuel Ungaro clothing line she was up till dawn partying. And once the scathing reviews were in for her line, things got worse. “She was crushed,” says one insider who saw her at a bash thrown by photographer Mario Testino. “Her eyes were red and puffy, and at one point she started shouting and tearing up.” Soon after, Lindsay collapsed on a couch and passed out. “Her friends had to get her out of there before things got any worse.”...One of Lindsay's friends adds, “She’s definitely hit rock bottom. The next level is six feet under.”

and when this says friends TRANSLATION DRUG DEALER AND HER ENABLERS.. side eye to White Oprah

Dead by Xmas but hey White Oprah you have 2 more kids to whore out.. price of fame....

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