Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kate Gosselin On Larry King - Click Here

Well here we have Kate ( respect her privacy at this time.. eye roll)as she goes on about her life, kids, Jon and the divorce on Larry King Live

It isnt anything we havent heard before from either of these 2.. Same story different show, different tabloid etc etc..

I will say she was pretty calm and her Reverse Mullet stayed in check.. To me she seemed very well rehearsed .. As im saying this im looking over my shoulder in fear of the mullet... I will say no more..

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  1. I mean really, the show did not cause her break up.. hellllooo.. what land is she living in? Did it not cause her to get to big for her britches... I am sure she is famous not because of her show..

  2. Hey Shannon!!! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!