Monday, August 24, 2009

The Cat Lady and The ManHo...

People Mag is saying that Gerry and Jenny got all touchy feelie with each other in NYC on Saturday night.

One source (Jennys cat) said that the Gerard and Jenny started out their night by having dinner at Freeman's on the Lower East Side. After they finished there, they went on over to the lounge at The Jane Hotel where "witnesses" say they were "holding hands." (witness= Renee aka Squinty in her Jackie O glasses)

This is the lamest date ever! No PDA? No getting tipsy on the Champezzy? No puking outside a car window? NO walk of shame? No crying?? What???? Isnt that how everyones dates go??

Im so over stories of these 2 ho's.. Shockingly enough they both have movies out or coming out

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