Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kong Kardashian Caught With Boog Sug

Khloe Kardashian tells Life & Style that a vial of cokey was found in her purse and it wasn't hers and she got creative when explaining how it got there.

Khloe said, "It was in a vial at our new store, Dash Miami, and at first I didn’t even know what it was(cough.. bullshit.. cough cough). My employee was picking up a pile of clothes that customers had tried on, and it fell out. She called me into the dressing room, and it was in a little glass vial. I was leaving the dressing room, and a lot of customers walked in. I didn’t know what to do, so I threw it in my purse. I was like, 'I’ll dispose of this in a second,' and I went to help them. Then I forgot about it."

Was Lohan in the store and it fell out of her pants that werent hers? Honestly does she think we are gonna fall for this...

I used to use that line all the time when my dad used to find pot in my room.. Nope not mine.. The kicker was when Rosie (god bless that lil bastard of a cat) took a bag of pot out of my bag dragged it into the living room and proceeded to roll around on it just as my dad walked in from work.. I blamed the cat for taking someones purse and dragging it in the house (side eye from Rosie)... Yeah I was young and my lying skillz werent as good as they are today the look on my dads face priceless...

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