Friday, August 14, 2009

The Reverse Mullet Gets Locked Out

Radar says that the police were called to the Gosselins compound in Pennsylvania last night, because Kate when into a hissyfit after Jon refused to let her into the house. (Im starting to like the new Jon)A source said, "Kate showed up at the house unexpectedly. It's Jon's scheduled time to be there with the kids." Kate started hollerin' at Jon about his relationship with Stephanie Santoro, the nanny/model he hired... I love the side job.. model.. When the cops arrived, they calmed Kate down They left without making any arrests. A defeated Kate then went over to the local Days Inn where her and the reverse mullet are planning a sneak attack, the mullet will not go down like this

I can just imagine what was coming out of her mouth you know Jon slammed the door in her face and just laughed at her behind the door (smart choice, you just got your balls back don't lose them again)..

Nothing like a good trailer trash fight so all the neighbors can see.. I live for that shit when it happens in my neighbor crack a beer, pop some corn, and sit on my front step who needs cable...

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