Tuesday, August 4, 2009


See this is what happens when Daddy Spears is not around and Britters is off her leash! Hohan gets in photo ops with Britney.. See her conservatorship is about up and look shes already posing with this trainwreck.. Hmm what could they possiblly talk about?? Oh yeah her new movie role.. I know I know Ill stop Im giving myself a headache over it too.. The last time these 2 were together Britters busted loose and started flashing her woohaa all over H'wood, passing out at parties, and sporting that stupid pink wig all over LA...

Maybe Hohan needs to be photographed next to Britters more often she looks a bit more sane then her and ummm Linds grab a sandwich you seriously are looking way to thin, that boog sug you keep putting up your nose isnt doing a body good..
I wonder if the DJ was AC... heard they are all the rage.... side eye to Dina Lohan

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