Monday, August 10, 2009

BOO HOO Look Who Showed Up On the Today Show

On the Today Show it was Kate Gosselin to babble about her life now boo freaking hoo. During the interview Kate Gosselin wipes a (crocodile) tear from her eye during her first television interview since announcing her separation from Jon in June. Funny I never seen Kate cry she must of gotten alot of practice watching her husband of 10 years cry himself to sleep at night

Is it just me or isnt it strange how they both ask for privacy at this time over and over yet these 2 seem to keep themselves in the media.. hmmmm wonder why both are getting their own shows.. doing interviews with various mags and im sure its not for free

During the interview, Kate talked about how she still wears her wedding ring for the kids( whore...cough cough) and how she was shocked when she found out that Jon was getting it on with another chick blah blah blah.. I will miss watching Jon & Kate plus 8 not because I liked the show because listening to those 8 kids drove me up a wall with I want this, I want that, crying nonsense over that stupid Monkey Munch crap. If I had a tribe like that you bet your ass they would be my personal sweat shop workers for my winery

The only reason I will miss watching it was that I found it hysterical the way she would talk to him and he would just sit there and take it... I watched one episode where Jon didnt use a coupon for something you would of thought the Nazis invaded Poland the way she flipped out.

At the end of the interview Kates reverse mullet took a bow and is in talks for its own show....

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