Monday, August 10, 2009

And Now Linda Hogon on Good Morning America...

First Kate and now this trainwreck comes on to blab about her divorce but she just want privacy... I want privacy too when I go #2 but I dont leave the door open!

She says that her marriage to Hulk fell apart once she discovered he was cheating on her with Brooke's best friend - side eye to Linda on this one

Said Linda: "There were infidelities. It scared me because I thought 'Oh my God, is that my fault? Is he moving on? Am I just a dumb housewife? Am I too fat, am I too dumb?' You just start doubting yourself and that was really sad."

** Yes you're fat and yes you are dumb these are answers you should of been able to answer yourself but since you threw it out there and the little voices in your head didnt answer you back Id be more then happy to answers those questions.***

She owns up to the fact that her relationship with Hill is "definitely weird," but isn't bothered by the "cougar" taunts of the tabs

"It's kind of a fad now, it's cool. I'm finally in style because they really knock me about how bad I dress,"

**I find it funny that they just make fun of her attire and not her tranny clown makeup *** moving on with this in-depth interview

She said all the drug allegations where started by the Hulks PR team.. I take one look at Linda and I can just tell shes popped a pill or two shes got that Vicoden glaze.. Dont worry Linda I wont judge

Its nice to know that she thinks that being with someone that is 30 years younger and having no relationship with your only daughter is cool.. to quote Jenny Aniston its "uncool"!!

There is just way too much bleach/makeup and weave going on in this family

The divorce is final Linda dont you have to pick up your boyfriend from summercamp?

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