Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Choo Choo All Aboard the Crazy Train..OH Mischa.....

Yesterday I posted of that hot mess Mishca Barton in the above heidous dress well the dress had straps on it which should of kept her strapped to that bed she was layed up on but oh no the crazy was out and about

Mischa had dinner with friends the other night and wouldn't stop spazzing out over some stalker. The source said, "She was upset and talking frantically into her phone about having a stalker. Her friends were trying to console her, but she went outside and chain-smoked cigarettes."

Hmm stalker... chain smoking...out of rehab.. Me thinks Mischa didnt pay up on her last 8 ball of goodies

I see a headshaving and someone getting beaten with an umbrella in 5...4..3..2..

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