Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Naomi Beat Down

Gaetano Di Giovanni says he was taking pictures of Naomi on the island of Lipari when the next thing he knew, her foot was up his ass!!. Gaetano told La Repubblica (via Daily Mail) that Naomi beat him with her purse and then scratched at his left eye. Naomi's boyfriend and her bodyguards had to drag her away, so she wouldn't do anymore damage to the pap. You know Naomi loved every minute of this beating I swear she must think shes beating up Tyra Banks each time.... Tyra does get me that mad she really does.. Im surprised she hasnt crowned herself the winner of AMNT because nobody is better then Tyra.. I'd better stop or Naomis kung fu grip with reach thru my computer and strangle me..
Moving on her reps (all huddled in a corner) said this was all a bunch of lies against her.. Shit I wouldnt say a word with her rep

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