Monday, August 3, 2009

Look What Ventured out of her Crack Den

Here we have Courtney Love well looking... I cant even say a hot mess thats reserved for such gems as Whitney Houston, Britters, newly rehab'd Mischa, and Lohan (she has a movie deal ya know, told ya id mention her alot today) ... tragic.. Ill go with tragic mess.. Word is shes trying to put some meat on her bones, hey Courtney put down the crack pipe, just a thought Im also here to help and not just to taunt

A source, "Courtney has been struggling with her weight. She’s been using the hormones to help her gain muscle and for anti-ageing and likes the results. But she’s not very discreet. She even left a vial of it in her LA hotel room." Yeah along with her dignity as well

At one point in time I did like Courtney Love when she got all glammed up but serioulsy did that last as long as it takes to smoke a rock of crack??? I feel bad for her daughter who has to watch her mother go on a downward spiral for years. Lets hope she doesnt spend all of her money from Kurt Cobain

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