Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busted Weave

Here we have Britters doing what she does best.. shopping... She has all this money can she not afford a brush? Yeah we all done the roll and go esp after a day of drinking Tequila (eh hem Lisa) Any true boozey knows to A. brush your hair B. brush those toofies and C. take a Puertican Shower (perfume that booze stank)..I'd let Britters slide if she was dabbling in the Jesus Juice but shes not.. Look at that mess on her head its not a hair do ITS A HAIR DONT!!! Seriously that weave looks like its trying to crawl off her head.. Watch out Britters the Reverse Mullet might claim you next.. Actually I dont even think the Reverse Mullet wants any part of that rats nest..

You think Brit would listen to her people or at least her 2 sons when they tell her to fix that F*CKING WEAVE MOMMY...

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