Monday, August 3, 2009


Here we have Britney Spears wearing a black dress (minus the straps and holes Mischa was sporting) heading over to a Jazz Club minus her keeper Daddy Spears. Britney washed that thing on her head called a weave and got it all peroxide up reports say it took 9 hours to put this glamourous look together... Am I supposed to be wow'd?? Cuz I'm not. If I spent 9 hours in a salon (supercuts kicks me out after 30 minutes) I'd expect my weave to be giving orders to my entourage and flipping off the paparazzi... Its nice to see Britney has embraced the Lord these days shes probably convinced the voices in her head are actually God talking to her... And last but not least her fav pack of smokes in hand, classy...

Yes Britney I know the lights hurts my eyes at last call too! Just dont open them to quickly or you will be horrified to see who you were talking to all night

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