Friday, August 7, 2009

Heidi Montag.. On The Cover

Of Playboy.. Im so sick of this chic and her annoying husband.. I shouldnt even be posting about her or him but I am, im not perfect I know shocker. I find this really funny how on Im a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here they were praying to Jesus or some shit like that and reading the Bible.. and Spencer was saved by a Baldwin yeah I know by praising to Jesus.. Bead Rattlers!

And here we have Heidi in all her glory posing nude.. Yeah its Playboy and according to every skank in this mag its "tastefully" done..

You are exposing your whoo hah and flashing your chi chis to the world, please tell me how this is tastefully done??The last time I flashed my hooters I ended up in the clink. The call to my mom was priceless.. moving on

Plastic and Plastic

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