Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dancing with the Has-bens.......

ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson told reporters that he'd "absolutely" love it if Abdul joined the DWTS team!

"We would love to have her on Dancing whether it's as a contestant, or a participant, judge, etc.," said McPherson on Saturday.

He, like all of us, was shocked at Paula's exit from Idol: "I was a little stunned by the decision. I think she's a huge talent. There's a sensitivity and emotion in her that balances out Idol and we'd love to get a piece of that."

Abdul has also been offered a spot as a guest judge on the So You Think You Can Dance panel, but DWTS have something a little more permanent in mind.

Paula just gets emotional when her last vicoden is gone duh

I really tried liking DWTS I really did but I just cant and when I do turn it on I have an attention span of a goldfish. Maybe its the fact that everytime I go to my boyfriends parents house this hot mess is on and when I try to say something I get the big SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH from my future mother in law as shes puffing on a Pall Mall... I guess I should know better then to interupt her "shows"

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