Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Boring One Got Knocked Up

E!'s Marc Malkin is saying that Kourtney Kardashian has gotten herself preggers!! Apparently, Kourtney isn't saying who the father is. Probably because she doesn't know. Call Maury! DNA drop and roll.. I love that part when the guy isnt the father and the women fall to the ground and roll around and run backstage.. boo hooo.. if you werent such a ho you would know the babys daddy.. Back to Kim, Khloe, whats her name Kourtney

When E! asked if she was back with Scott(her ex) she said you had to wait to see the show.. Nothing like a media whore on the show and off.. zing!

I hope Khloe Kong teaches the baby all sorts of swear words I love her foul mouth..

When asked for a comment from Bruce he had nothing to say nor did his new face..


  1. It is her ex Scotts' child, heard it out of her own mouth this morning..
    she was on the NBC Kathie & Koda (however you spell those 2 names)..
    She is due in December and she is 30 yrs old.

  2. yeah i know i heard that too.. shes too boring to write about so I didnt bother