Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And From The Stupid Movie Files....

With the success of GI Joe and the Transformers Hollyhood is planning on making an Academy Award Winning movie LEGO... Yah I had the same reaction as you when I read that.... Maybe this will replace Glitter as an all time bomb.. I miss crazy Mimi..

Variety (via Coming Soon) says that Warner Bros. has already hired Dan Lin (who is also working on the Tom & Jerry movie) and Kevin Hageman to write the script. It's being described as a "family comedy that will mix live action and animation."

And now a Tom and Jerry movie too well this shit better be funny and it better not be when these two bitches became friends and Jerry wearing that stupid bow tie around his neck...The cartoon was so much better when they were enemies and tried to kill each other.. I got some really good ideas from that show, nobody messed with me on the playground i'd cut a bitch..

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