Monday, August 3, 2009


Ok seriously wtf was Mischa thinking with this outfit? Either she got dressed in the dark or her she is highly medicated. This high class ensemble looks like its from straight from the elegant store of Fredericks clearance bin speaking of which I need a dress for a wedding...... Didnt anyone of her friends tell her she looked horrible or wait does she have that set of friends that tell you look good when you dont.. You know the type that dont tell you that you are sporting toliet paper on your shoe and you think everyone is looking at you cuz you are all that.... This dress is all sorts of wrong but that didnt keep her from going out and partying on down.. When I look at these pictures Im having flashbacks of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman but the glazy eyes one up Julias Hooka wig..

And if you dont notice look at the blonde woman in the background her face says it all...

And either Mischa sat in a puddle or forgot to lift her dress when she went to the ladies room.. Class Act this one

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