Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Night Out with Grandpa I Mean Hubby

Last night out on the town was Larry King and Shawn: TMZ says that Larry wore the patch due to cataracts

If I was Shawn I would wish that I had cataracts so I wouldnt have to see what I am kissing or doing sexay times with... I wonder if there is a no light rule.. This is a true gold digger right here and I gotta give it to her shes working for that money, hes already what 102?? Im all about a suga daddy but this is just pushing it and it gives me the dry heaves...

Im sparing you all because there is a pic of them kissing and contrary to what the Hollywood celebutards say food doesn't taste good the second time going down...

I love how she dresses him up ( you know he cant do that shit himself) like hes a 20 something year old.. Stressed jeans, hooodie, baseball hat which should be pulled off to the side to get the complete look .. FYI Shawn you cant get make him look any younger HE IS OLD he isnt Benjamin Buttons.. I like to say Benjamin Bum Bums, it makes me laugh...... Even if you close your eyes really tight Shawn hes still a wrinkled mess

No matter how you dress it up an 80 year old ass, is an 80 year old ass..saggy..Be blessed Im just leaving it at that

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