Monday, August 3, 2009

Marky Mark Gets Maaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrriiiiiiiieeeeeeed

Wahlberg revealed earlier this year his plans to wed Durham, 31. "We're talking about August," he told PEOPLE. At the time, he had yet to decide whether he would marry in his Boston hometown. "It will be in a Catholic church somewhere." As for adding more children to their brood? "I'm the youngest of nine," Wahlberg said, adding that the final count will be "however many Mom wants to have." Wahlberg, who is the executive producer of HBO's hit show Entourage, will next star in the Peter Jackson-directed feature film The Lovely Bones opposite Rachel Weisz, in theaters on December 11.
I remember when I was little and getting married in a church was harder then trying to keep Lohan off the white stuff.. She got a movie role so you will probably see her name alot today... Funny I guess anyone can get married in a Catholic Church these days.. already divorced sure walk down the isle... already have an army of kids sure walk down the isle...and my fav already knocked up sure walk down the isle

Personally it doesnt bother me who or what gets married in the Catholic Church and it didnt shock my mom either .. Her response... they are all a bunch of diddlers anyway.. Shes great to bring to parties or introducing my boyfriends parents to her

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