Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inglourious Basterds Movie Premier

Well last night everyone came out to see Brads new flick along with Angie. I was gonna post pics of Brad and Angie but you all know who they are and what they look like, yes they are hot.. There were other celebs there but I like finding people I have no idea who they are, until I came across this gem.. These red carpet premiers just bring no-names out of the woodwork and will do anything to get noticed, like wearing something WHORE-RENDOUS.. ( new word I like it)

That brings me to Mallika Sherawat(soon to appear on Brett Ratners casting couch) apparently shes out of Bollywood or something like that.. never got the whole Bollywood thing that music is awful and the elephant looking thing with the 8 eight arms freaks me out. I guess I shouldnt listen to this music it after a wine night with my friend Lisa nah it still sounds like shit .. I say this as Im listening to Hansons MMMMMMM Bop..... Any boozey

I think she borrowed this dress from Lil Kim's secret collection.. Im going to a wedding in August this will be perfect.. Anything to get the raised eyebrow from the grannies at the reception..


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