Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DWTS In Talks With....

La Toya Jackson..ugh...

UsWeekly says that La Toya is in talks with Dancing with the Has-beens but doesnt know if she can commit due to her busy schedule... cricket..cricket.... What has she been doing aside from being useless ..hmmm.. WAIT!! Wasn't she on the Psychic Network or some dumbshit like that oh wait that was Dionne.. Speaking of Psychic's I wonder what happened to Ms. Cleo? I love listening to her sound board I use it to crank call people with its funny the reactions I get when I do this why wouldnt you want to hear from a Jamaican black woman at 1am..., ahh how I love the *67 feature.... I know I have alot of time on my hands..

Back to this pressing news sorry I get side-tracked..

La toyas rep stated "She's a big fan of the show, and being from a musical family, it would be a good fit." --- along with her new face..

ABC will announce the entire cast this Monday morning, but it's rumored that Audrina Patridge I know you may say WHO but when I say dead behind the eyes you will know which one im talking about(google her trust), Vera Wang, Dean McDermott and Lou Ferrigno have either signed on already or are close to signing.

Im posting a pic of La toya that obviously looks nothing like her now.. Im giving a tribute to her old face..

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