Friday, August 7, 2009

Casting Call.... Casting Couch.. NEXT BILLY MAYS!

TMZ says that a nationwide search for "the next Billy Mays" will start August 19th in Tampa. They say that Billy's face will remain on the products, but they are looking someone to sell it to the masses on late-night infomercials. Specifically, they want someone to pitch a new product called "Mighty Sponge." It's a sponge so mighty that it can soak up 2 liters of coke.. I wonder if it could sponge all that brown dye out of his mop!

It was reported Billy got paid 7 figures just for one days pay of work! Show me the casting couch here I come!!!

I would see these commercials on late at night and I'd always end up buying something.. I really just need to shut off the tv and throw my phone away.. drunk dialing and drunk purchasing not a good mix.. Operators must of loved hearing from me, who doesnt want to hear from me at 3am??... The last time Billy was on I ended up buying a shit load of stuff and I only found out when the UPS man dropped off unknown boxes and heres me thinking someone sent me a gift nope just boxes and boxes of OXY Clean and a Columbia House Subscription and RoseMary Clooney CD.. yeah i know I gave myself the side eye after that one

I wonder if the Sham Wow guy will try out afterall he needs more money for his Meth Addiction...

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