Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Really Gerard

Gerry tells the NYDN that his mother is not impressed that he's making millions of dollars and dating Jennifer Aniston, Renee aka Squinty, no Jennifer, no wait Renee.. Hes dating whichever one has a movie coming out..

Gerry said, "I go home and they'll cook Christmas ­dinner, and she's like, ‘C'mon, give a hand, come on, wash the dishes or put the dishes away.' And I'm like, ‘Mom, I am a major Hollywood movie star, I can't be doing this. It's embarrassing.'"

Its pretty embarrassing that he even said that... Ummm there are things called a dishwasher why dont you buy your mother one and buy her a bottle or a case of Boones she probably needs it listening to you whine...Wine..hmmm .. lunch time!

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