Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Life & Style reports that since Dina is MIA Linds has been taking care of her younger sister.(you know showing her how to snort blow and then have a meltdown on Twitter) The two have been doing regular sister bonding activities like smoking and boozing club until dawn.

One witness who was at L.A.'s Crown bar when Linds and her sis were there said, “Lindsay didn’t coddle her or anything. They partied until after 1 a.m., and she treated Ali as if she were just one of her friends at the club with her." And another added, “Both of them were smoking like chimneys and dancing around.”

When Life & Style asked Michael Lohan about this, he didn't seem to be worried, “I’m glad Lindsay and Ali remain so close."

When you are blowing your life to Hell and snorting the boog sug up your nose it is always good to have company on the journey.....

Makes me sad this gets the cover story and Patrick just get a corner piece...

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