Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In crazy Crackie News WWD has announced that after months of rumors Lohan (aka Frecula see my other post), is officially the “artistic adviser” at Ungaro. Lohan and the new chief designer, Estrella Archs, will debut the fashion house's new collection in Paris on October 4th.

Expect to find her crap in the local Goodwill Bin...

Lohan said she plans to make Ungaro "younger." She went on to shake and say (you know all crackies have the shakes), “When I’m involved in a project, I give my all to it.... TRANSLATION: meltdowns, hangovers, stealing shit AND SHOWING up late for work... Lohan then on to twitch I feel like there’s a correlation between everything I do, whether it’s pop music or film. I’ve always played a big part in what I wear, the costumes. Clothing is something that’s so expressive in so many ways. It really interests me. To be in a position where I’m working with a fashion house in Paris sets it apart from every other celebrity brand.”

Step away from the drugs you look older then Charo and we all know shes old as shit..

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