Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life & Style

Here we have the Kardashian sisters Photoshop to no end on the cover of Life & Style... Wait no Kourtney?? Oh wait because shes already on every freaking magazine already

Khloe and Kim are babbling about how they lost a ton of weight by using QuickTrim (ENDORSEMENT.. COUGH COUGH!) and "exercising." They both talk about how they want to tone up more, but are happy with their bodies. Un Huh the story gets even more intriguing..! Then Khloe says that she lost 25lbs and is a size 6 now yeah I think Khole put down her lunch bag and then stepped on the scale. Kim said she weighs 114lbs I think she forgot to include her ass.. Anyone with 2 eyeballs can see Kim is NOT 114lbs..

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