Friday, September 18, 2009

Shocking Someone Really Did Rob Crackie

and it wasnt herself.. Well whaddya know..

People reports that 18-year-old Nick Prugo was busted yesterday morning for allegedly breaking into the homes of Lohan and Audrina Patridge. Nick was charged with felony burglary and is currently in a jail cell on $20,000 bail. This isn't Nick's first time at the butt rape party. Nick was arrested last month and he was also convicted on September 4th for possessing a narcotic controlled substance.

I wonder if they found Lohans dignity as well

Dina chirped in because shes a good mother and all (eyeroll) Yes, we have found him, God is good.".. God should of struck her down after that came out of her mouth

Im still skeptical though that Crackie didnt have something to do with it.. Missing 2 mill worth of jewels and she hasnt worked in months.. Its funny how this kid gets tossed in the slammer, but Crackie steals, carjacks, wears OTHER peoples' pants with coke in them and is walking the streets?

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