Tuesday, September 22, 2009

K Well Fed Newest Celeb Fit Club Member

TMZ says that K-FED is trying to drop the doughboy look on the new season of Vh1's Celebrity Fit Club along Shar Jackson (baby mama mmmm suspect), Nicole Eggert and Bobby Brown... Shouldnt Bobby Brown be locked up somewhere for not paying child support.. Anydeadbeat..

I always thought K-Well Fed was putting on the weight for some reason like he wanted a celebrity endorsement from Nutrisystem or Biggest Loser, Fit Club, etc. Here we are all thinking he was some dumb hillbilly... I also suspect that him and Shar had a deal going on for him to marry Britney and get her money.. You will all see how right I was and I will point and laugh at all of you..It does take an awful lot of work to get that fat that fast. And I should know, I'm a 3 ton walrus. Ok, not really, I just like the sound of that

And Bobby does have the advantage over probably everyone well with his crack diet.. CRACK IS WHACK!!

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