Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jennifer Aniston In Harpers B

Again another boring interview with Jenny, here are some excerpts try not to fall asleep

Harper’s Bazaar: How is it that your hair looks so perfect, even in this rainy weather, when everybody else is having a bad-hair day?
Jennifer Aniston: “Um, I have people.”

HB: Several of your recent movies have been about relationships — whether in the dating world or about married couples. Has it been important to you to have closure when a real-life relationship ends?
JA: “I think it’s important to have closure in any relationship that ends — from a romantic relationship to a friendship. You should always have a sense of clarity at the end and know why it began and why it ended. You need that in your life to move cleanly into your next phase.”

HB: Are you still a romantic or have your relationship experiences made you cynical?
JA: “I’m still a romantic. I still believe in love.”

HB: Do you think that women in general do too much in relationships?
JA: “Oh yeah. I think that’s because it’s just instinctual as a woman to be the caretaker of your home. Women complain that men don’t do enough, but it’s your own fault. You train your man to do nothing. You can’t blame someone for not knowing what his or her job should be if you don’t ask for it right off the bat.”

HB: Why do you think the romance goes out of a relationship?
JA: “I think it’s laziness. I really do. I think a good relationship is about collaboration. That’s the way to go in a relationship. I think you just need to talk to each other. Say what you need. Say what you want. That way it’s not threatening. You just need to say, ‘This is important to me.’ Don’t expect your mate to read your mind.”

HB: You seem to imply that your work success is because of luck. Are success and luck the same thing? Is luck how you got to be so successful?
JA: “I don’t know. I’ve never sat and plotted out how I was going to become successful or famous. I just really wanted to work — to do good work — ever since I was at the High School of Performing Arts [in New York]. My Russian acting coach told me I was a disgrace to the Moscow Theatre. So I was determined to prove him wrong and do good work. I’ve never had my eye on a prize. I really wanted to enjoy the passage of time. Before Friends and the success of that I have a graveyard of sitcoms that, thank god, you don’t know about. I was happy to get a job every year, whether it went on or not.”

HB: You’ve talked about doing very different types of roles in various films such as The Break-Up, Derailed, Marley & Me and He’s Just Not That Into You. What are you looking for right now, for yourself, when it comes to film roles?
JA: “Well, I think I’m always looking for good work. You know, dramatic, comedic, whatever it is. Sometimes things come along at the perfect time and it’s sort of fate. Other times, I just want to take some time off until something really wonderful comes along.”

Jenny shouldn’t be giving any relationship advice. Taking her advice on relationships is like taking Amy Winehouse’s tips for staying sober.

And just by reading this I can point out exactly why Jenny is still single and a future cat lady

Train” men to “do their jobs?” Yeah — that sounds like the woman every man wants.

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