Monday, September 14, 2009

In Bleached, bronzed, and broke News...

Via the Sun reports:

BROOKE HOGAN and mum LINDA appear to have put their bitter dispute behind them. The pair enjoyed dinner out in Beverly Hills on Saturday night and were even joined by Linda’s toyboy lover CHARLEY HILL.

Reality TV star Brooke was snapped in buoyant mood while leaving Madeo Restaurant, indicating a reconciliation.

Brooke cut ties with Linda, following her mum’s bitter split with ex-hubby HULK - taking her dad’s side in the divorce battle. Linda angered her daughter further by dating Charley - a former schoolmate of Brooke’s.

The singer previously said her mum needed to change her ways in order to repair their relationship. Brooke said: “I hope we do but she’ll have to go through a lot of changes - spiritually, mentally and physically… She’s going to really need to find a good spot to be in.

“I’ve tried to help but it’s too awkward and weird. We are two different people

How cute mother and daughter with the same stripper shoes from Fredericks Of Hollywood... theres just too much weave in this picture... Its late im cranky and I just came from Walmart.. The Home of Domestic disputes in isle 12!

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