Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Demi's Denial and Confession

Demi Moore did an interview where she denied plastic surgery and well there were tons of backlash as expected and shes getting called out because of it and well Demi you look like an idiot

Demi Tweeted:

Demi Moore is fighting back at allegations she’s had hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery.

Following up on her recent denial of going under the knife, Moore responded to some incredulous people on Twitter Monday night insisting that having her three daughters has left her with stretch marks and extra skin.

The avid tweeter replied to someone who claimed that Moore could not go from stretch marks and saggy skin, once on display in an old paparazzi shot of her at the beach, to the fine form she shows off now.

Demi’s response?

“I still have excess skin & stretch marks!”

When someone responded to that remark with disbelief, saying she did not, Moore followed up with, “Ahh hate to break it to you but I do. Comes with having a few kids 4 some of us!”

You know when someone is lying because their face moves but in her case it doesnt so it would be hard to tell if shes lying or not..(we all know she is) All she had to say was yes I had it done end of story.. Like I said I dont care who gets what done but dont lie about it

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