Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Madonna Takes A Nap - Click Here

The Sun, have a video Madonna "collapsing" during her " show in Bulgaria on Saturday night. In the clip, Madonna is singing "Holiday" when she passes out on one of her dancers. Her dancer needs to shake her a bit, she wakes up and gets right back into it.

The source added, "She refused to end the show or take a break after the Holiday dizzy spell. It turns out she's suffering from exhaustion. She is anaemic. She was advised to postpone the last two shows in Israel for a few days, but logistics and stubborness stopped her. She'll do them then take some rest."

Hmmm to me it look like she just took a quick nap my grandma does it all the time but wakes right up when she hears me popping a bottle of Champezzi

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