Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tori & Dean

In this week's Star Magazine, they go inside Tori Spelling's marriage to Dean McDermott. One of Dean's dear friends, Michael Olifiers, says that he's only with Tori for the money and fame. Michael, said, "There is no question Dean is with Tori for the money and the fame. Dean's always been desperate to become famous. He craved being in the spotlight and Tori's his ticket to that life."

Tori and Dean met on a Lifetime movie they did together when they were both married.. Ummm yeah thats where LeAnn and Eddie met.. LIFETIME RUINS MARRIAGES.. kidding.. Lifetime brings me marathons after marathons of The Golden Girls...Anygranny

Michael said that Dean's first words about Tori weren't exactly the nicest. Apparently, the night before he had to kiss her in a scene, Dean told Michael, "I can't believe I have to kiss her. She looks like a horse!" NEEEEEEEEEIGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

When they were about to get married, Dean convinced Tori to not make him sign a prenup, because he thought she would inherit millions after her father passed away. But Michael said that when Dean found out Aaron Spelling didn't leave her a fortune, "he was livid"

Tori shot back via Twitter... Dean&I read STAR 2gthr&were grossed out@uncreative lies but made us appreciateR life&love more&made us sad4those tht spread lies.Bad Mo Jo!"

Yeah thats how I text when im drunk so you figure it out..

Candy is cackling over this story in one of her 240 rooms...

Dean is doing his best "blue steel" look here. The only person who couldn't see Dean was in it for the money and fame was Helen Keller

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