Friday, July 31, 2009


If Rock of Skanks, Charm School for Ho's, and I Love New York (a man cough cough) Vh1 has now enlisted Kfed excuse me K-WELL Fed with a show, does VH1 have any shame.. Wait Rock of Skanks is on that station.. Everytime I see that show I need to go scrub myself the stds jump thru my TV screen, thats what i tell my doctor anyway.. moving on...

Well heres whats going on

After wrapping up his reality show yesterday [Thursday] at the Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Federline partied in Wasted Space with his girlfriend Victoria and a group of 15 friends. Kevin’s VH1 stage crew was shooting most of the night as they sipped on Grey Goose cocktails. At one point Kevin got on stage with the Sin City Sinners and hyped the crowd, bragging that he was intoxicated. Even though they had two comped bottles of Grey Goose, Kevin and his group completely STIFFED the cocktail staff despite great service. He left NO tip. Kevin also looked noticeably heavier. They partied till around 3:00am and left through back door of club in one group. Inside source told us the group was headed back to party in the new Paradise Tower Mega Suite!"

Must be nice to be on the Britters payroll and get paid to be a babysitter.. I can honestly say I will not watch this trainwreck I'd rather be spraytanned with Hohans body spraytan poo mist...

As you can see Kfed isnt missing a meal these days


  1. lol!!

    This is too funny! Are you writing this stuff? Love your blog...who doesn't love gossip and freebies? :)

  2. Hey Mellisa yah I am writing this stuff glad you like my sense of humor :)